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[Translators’ Notes] Rapper Car with Superbee

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Following up are our translators’ notes for AKATV‘s Rapper Car with the second special guest, Superbee!

Superbee, who has already participated in AKATV’s Swaggers Made in USA, mostly talks with Kjun about dissing, the one thing that probably everyone is reminded of when hearing the name ‘Superbee’. The rapper explains in detail his reasons for dissing Tablo, as well as why he revealed his phone number. He takes a few calls from fans and raps several songs live.

Subtitle Credits Superbee Episodes 1-2
Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Translation Check: Nahae
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

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Episodes and Translators’ Notes

Episode 1/2

  1. Read the translation and watch the lyric video of Superbee’s ‘냉탕에 상어 (Feat. Black Nut)’ (Shark in the Cold Pool) here.
Episode 2/2

  1. The friend of the first caller, Superbee’s “anti-fan,” goes through a really funny process of changing his voice and way of speech: first, he sounds imitating and dangerous and uses colloquial speech, sounding tough and rude. Then, he suddenly speaks politely and nice when asking if he is talking to the real Superbee, and finally changes from using aegyo (cute speech) into fanboy mode.
  2. The female (?) caller mishears ‘interview’ for AV which stands for ‘adult video’ and is a Japanese term for ‘porn’.
  3. Superbee actually says, “I don’t sign any contract without myunDo,” but the line was too short to fit all of this in.
  4. Notes on Superbee’s ‘Me N My Gimchi (Feat. Reefa)‘:
    1. More perverted than a lightsaber” is a pun on ‘perverted’ and ‘lightsaber’; in Korean, ‘perverted’ can literally mean ‘to light up’, resulting in the ambiguous meaning “Brighter than a lightsaber.”
    2. “We don’t listen to what we’re told, your dongsaengs” is how the line actually goes, defying the customary respectful attitude towards sunbaes (older, more experienced people) which is, truth be told, often abused to bully the younger ones.
  5. OVC (Overclass) is a hiphop crew headed by Warmman and includes famous members like Verbal Jint, Swings, and San E. They have not released anything since 2010 but announced to resume activities this year. (*)


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