Rapper Car with San E

[Translators’ Notes] Rapper Car with San E – Part 1

In Miscellaneous by Lena

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The second season of AKATV‘s Rapper Car is here with the first special guest San E!

San E, who recently released the song ‘Sugar and Me‘ together with Raina, is surprised at his home by his newly appointed manager-for-a-day Kjun who then inspects his longtime friend’s place (both of them are in the crew Overclass). As they drive to the location of San E’s outdoor schedule that day, the two talk about how San E started out as a rapper and his diss track to Verbal Jint. San E also performs “the song of his life,” ‘산선생님(Teacher San).

Subtitle Credits Part 1

Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Translation Check: Nahae
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

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Video and Translators’ Notes

Part 1

Make sure to click on ‘CC’ to activate the subtitles!

  1. Right in the beginning, when Kjun introduces “today’s guest” aka San E’s manager Hojoon Choi, the Korean on-screen texts read: “Isn’t he Kjun’s younger brother? Did San E gain weight? Is it Shindong? lol Show us San E!”
  2. When San E says, “I nearly flashed you,” the Korean on-screen text shows chilis. This is because the colloquial Korean term for ‘penis’ (i.e. dick) is literally ‘chili’ (고추, gochu).
  3. Kjun introduces himself as the manager, speaking formally, then suddenly switches back to colloquial speech, asking San E if he’s going to go out in those clothes. The two are actually the same age and have known each other for a long time, so it is natural that they speak colloquially, it is just funny how Kjun switches back and forth between speech levels however he feels is convenient.
  4. San E’s food” refers to his song ‘못 먹는 감 (Sour Grapes)‘ with Mad Clown. And yes, the fruit is actually a persimmon, not a grape, as the Korean title is literally “Inedible Persimmons.”
  5. What Every BODY is Saying‘ is a book by former FBI officer Joe Navarro and teaches about reading body language.
  6. When Kjun asks why the place has become so clean, the on-screen text stealthily adds: “… Has a woman been here?
  7. As Kjun opens the door for the stylists, the Korean on-screen text describes him as: He’s acting as if he’s in his own home.
  8. While paragliding, San E sings “Like An Airplane” which is a reference to the song ‘마치 비행기‘ with Juicy Candy and Gary.
  9. The phrase “San E over the mountain” can be read literally as “A mountain over a mountain,” since ‘산’ (san) means ‘mountain’ in Korean.
  10. At 2:41 when Kjun welcomes the stylists, you can see the pieces of paper with motivational texts on the wall in the entrance hall.
  11. The phrase “Let’s rip flesh and carve bones!” might sound a bit strange in English, simply understand it as a metaphor for working really, really hard.
  12. Kjun is described twice as an “intelligent anti(-fan)” (지능형 안티, jineunghyeong anti). The term refers to anti-fans that pretend to be fans who lack common sense and write insensitive comments. (Source)
  13. The line “Defeated San E” reads more literally “San E suffers one doubtful defeat.” The phrase ‘의문의 1패’ (uimunui hanpae) refers to an indirect defeat. In this case, Kjun says people dissed San E because they thought he studied fashion design yet couldn’t dress stylishly, but this shouldn’t bother San E since he never studied fashion design. Yet, it still means that he can’t dress well, resulting in his, indirect, loss.
  14. Kjun literally says “Apply it!” referring to Drunken Tiger’s ‘Monster (Korean Ver.)‘ which starts with the line: “Drunken Tiger Balm, apply the balm/ointment of music to the wounds of your hurt heart,” i.e. listen to Drunken Tiger’s music to heal your heartache.
  15. San E’s diss track to Verbal Jint is ‘재미쎄요’ (Having Fun?)Listen to it here. Amateur rapper San E uploaded the track on Hiphop Playa and Verbal Jint replied to it, acknowledging San E’s rap skills and later having him join Overclass. During the 2nd episode of HiphopLE’s talk concert with Verbal Jint, San E even performed the diss track live in front of VJ who had no clue it would happen (watch it here). (Source)
  16. Some notes on the lyrics of San E’s ‘산선생님’ (Teacher San) (only for the part performed in the video):
    1. “He was into cartoons” literally reads as “He sang ‘tondegirigiri'” which refers to the opening song of the anime ‘Time Travel Tondekeman’ which was very popular in Korea when it aired in the 90s.
    2. “Singing cartoon songs is what he did” – The line literally goes “chikichikichakachakacho, this is the crap he sang” referring to the opening song of the Korean animation ‘Fly! Superboard!’ (날아라 슈퍼보드, narara syupeobodeu).


Look forward to the next four episodes of Rapper Car with San E!
New episodes are uploaded every Friday at 10 AM KST, subtitles will then be added within the following seven to ten days.

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