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[Translators’ Notes] Rapper Car with Olltii

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Rapper Car is the latest web series by AKATV in which Kjun invites rappers for a drive with interesting conversations and live rapping. The first two episodes feature Olltii of ADV and are now available with our English subtitles. Read on for all the details!

Kjun and Olltii talk ADV, freestyle rap, Show Me The Money, and also joke with ADV crew members Lupi and DJ DREV.

Subtitle Credits Olltii Episodes 1-2
Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

The following batch of episodes with English subtitles will be released next Wednesday (23rd).
We recommend you to watch the episodes on YouTube, the links are below.

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Episode Links and Translators’ Notes

Episode 1/2
  1. The first song Olltii performs is his version of G-Dragon’s ‘That XX‘ which features Zico. He made it for SMTM3 and performed it in episode 08 (click here to watch). It has several witty puns and references to other G-Dragon and Big Bang songs.
  2. Kjun calls Olltii the “Zhuge Liang of hiphop.” According to Wikipedia, Zhuge Liang “is recognized as the greatest and most accomplished strategist of his era […],” you get the metaphor. In the following though, they make jokes about the name. In Korean, Zhuge Liang is called ‘제갈량’ (je-gal-yang). Olltii says: “I gagged them all!” (in the sense of: I shut their mouths!) which is a pun on ‘je-gal’ (Zhuge) and ‘jae-gal’ (gag). Kjun then says “Damn it” (je-gal) which is an abbreviation and actually should be ‘jegiral’ (제기랄) but he shortened it for the pun.
  3. Kjun literally calls those jokes “ajusshi gags” (아재 개그, ajae gag), i.e. old men’s gags, which is slang for lame jokes.
  4. The instrumental on which Olltii raps freestyle is Illionaire’s ‘Rockin’ With the Best‘.
  5. In his freestyle rap, Olltii refers to the crews ADV and $exy $treet, as well as to Kanye West’s ‘Drive Slow’ (off ‘Late Registration‘).
  6. When Olltii talks about his English teacher, he actually means a native English speaker. In Korean schools, they learn grammar with Korean teachers and conversation with native speakers.
  7. The last track Olltii performs in this episode is ‘Graduation (졸업)‘.
Episode 2/2
  1. Ballad singer Yim Jae-beom with his distinctive voice is a popular subject of voice imitations.
  2. Olltii raps ‘OLL’ Ready,’ another track he performed on SMTM3 (watch it here).
  3. Watch the ‘Real Krabs’ commercial here. The little girl in it is probably wearing the very same crab mask Ollti was supposed to wear.
  4. The final song Olltii performs is ‘Zero Gravity‘. Read our article about it here and click here for the complete translation of the song lyrics.