Rapper Car with myunDo

[Translators’ Notes] Rapper Car with myunDo

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Here are our translators’ notes for AKATV‘s Rapper Car with special guest myunDo!

myunDo, who has already participated in AKATV’s Swaggers Made in USA and How to Win SMTM (TN and subtitles for all episodes coming soon!) has finally made his appearance on Rapper Car. With Kjun, he talks about Gimchi Hill Gang, Superbee, dab, his family, performs several tracks live, freestyles, and we find out that myunDo is actually a very determined and romantic guy as a certain woman joins the two men in the Rapper Car …

Subtitle Credits myunDo Episodes 1-2
Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Translation Check: Nahae
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

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Episodes and Translators’ Notes

Episode 1/2

  1. myunDo (면도) means ‘shaving‘ or ‘to shave’ in Korean. This makes it difficult to find any information on him by searching using only his name in Korean.
  2. myunDo’s Gimchi Hill Gang roommate says at the end of the call, “Bring me ice cream!” literally, “Bring me a Melona (melon ice pop) when you get home!” and is a phrase which is commonly used with people who will eventually return. Sometimes it literally means that they should bring something upon their coming back. The phrase apparently originated from a story where someone sent the text message “Bring me a Melona when you come!” to the delivery man instead of their younger sibling and the delivery man actually did bring the Melona ice pop. (*)
  3. Kjun pinching myunDo’s cheek and asking, “What does your father do?!” is him imitating actor Kim Kwang-gyu in the Korean movie ‘Friend’ (친구) from 2001. You can watch the scene here.
Episode 2/2

  1. Correction: When myunDo says that he had no “time” to go out with anyone, it should actually be that he had no ‘chance’ or ‘opportunity’ to do so since he was left out of that group of “good” students.


The subtitles for the two episodes with special guest Superbee are already up and our translators’ notes will be up soon too!
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