Rapper Car with Microdot

[Translators’ Notes] Rapper Car with Microdot

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Here are our translators’ notes for AKATV‘s Rapper Car with Microdot!

In my very own opinion, this is the most entertaining episode so far. Kjun and Microdot talk a lot: about All Black, the dissing incident on SMTM with Andup, his relationship with his Brother Sanchez, working out, and a lot more.

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Subtitle Credits Microdot Episodes 1-2
Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Translation Check: Nahae
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

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Episodes and Translators’ Notes

Episode 1/2

  1. The first song Microdot performs is ‘Goal Keeper‘ (with Dok2).
  2. The second song is ‘Love Letter‘ (with Sanchez).
Episode 2/2

  1. So, the stage name Microdot was made of micro + dot, while micro comes from micro scooter which Microdot often rode as a child and dot from the mole of the engineer in the studio where Microdot first recorded.
  2. In this second part, he first raps ‘Homage‘, a track completely in English off his ‘MICROTAPE EP‘.
  3. When they talk about how Sanchez does not do any chores, Kjun wants to imply that Sanchez thinks that he helped Microdot get popular through SMTM and thus Microdot should do the chores in return.
  4. Note: Korean people call their older brothers “hyung” but due to the non-Korean influence, Microdot calls Sanchez “Chez“.
  5. Sanchez is shocked that his brother has learned the word “개소리” (kaesori) which is made up of the words ‘개’ (kae, lit. dog) which is used as an intensifier rendering the word into a swearword, and of ‘소리’ (sori, lit. sound). It translates to ‘nonsense/stupid talk/rubbish’ (*) and is not that bad of a cussword, actually (in my opinion at least).
  6. When Kjun says, “I think I had a wrong impression,” he actually says “I was thinking about the movie ‘Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War'” (South Korea, 2004) which is, as the title suggests, about the beautiful relationship between two brothers during the Korean War. So Kjun implies that he thought the two Shin brothers had a great relationship just like the two brothers in the movie.
  7. “But I went fu- … very close” — Yes, he nearly said the Korean F-word. (This is definitely worse than 개소리).
  8. The last song of the two episodes is ‘Celebrate‘ which features The Quiett, Babylon, and Sanchez (aka Fassnakuh).


Coming up are two single episodes, one with J.slow and Freelow, and one with Jung Sangsoo–look forward to them!