Rapper Car with Kisum

[Translators’ Notes] Rapper Car with Kisum

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Here come our translators’ notes for AKATV‘s Rapper Car in which Kjun welcomes his second female guest: Kisum!

Kisum talks about how she started making music, she and Kjun go on a date (?) at Han River, and she takes over the driver‘s seat. In the second part, they talk Unpretty Rapstar, and welcome Kisum’s friend, R&B singer U Sung Eun. With her, they talk about how the two girls became friends, about working part-time, and the two girls perform a few of their tracks.

Subtitle Credits Kisum Episodes 1-2
Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Translation Check: Nahae
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

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Episodes and Translators’ Notes

Episode 1/2

  1. The first song Kisum performs is ‘심상치 않아 (You & Me) (Feat. Jooyoung)‘.
  2. The second song is ‘Superstar‘ off ‘UNPRETTY RAPSTAR Track 5’.
Episode 2/2

  1. The first track they perform together is U Sung Eun’s ‘Nothing (Feat. MoonByul)‘ off her ‘2nd MINI ALBUM – EP‘.
  2. The second track is ‘버스안에서 (Like It) (Feat. Risso)‘ off the EP ‘Like It‘.
  3. Part-time jobs in Korea are very badly paid. Many young people these days work part-time because they have trouble finding a (full-time) job.
  4. The last song of the episode is ‘To.Mom (Feat. Insooni)‘ off the ‘Unpretty Rapstar Compilation‘.
  5. Kisum’s hashtag #crazy_energy (똘끼) refers to
    1. a crazy person, a weirdo
    2. the energy of a person who does things other people can’t do
    3. a person who is out of their mind. (*)


The next double episode features Microdot! It is an absolutely recommended watch, so do look forward to our subtitles which are currently in the making and will be out this week.