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Throwback Thursday Jams: Leessang ft. Jungin, “Rush”

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Let’s ‘rush’ to check out this week’s Throwback Thursday Jams!

Leessang, composed of Gil & Gary, released their first official album, “Leessang of Honey Family” back in 2002. Collaborating with Jungin, their title track “Rush” won the Mnet KM Music Video Festival. Since then, Leessang has matured into one of Korea’s greatest hip-hop duos. Check out the track below:

Snippet of the song lyrics:
oh~ my mind 감은 눈을 떠 이제 rush 다가올 저 앞을 봐
oh~ my mind so 꿈을 위해 이제 rush 다시 rush 저 태양 위로

English Translations:
oh~ my mind open your closed eyes, now rush, look at the forthcoming future
oh~my mind so towards your dreams, now rush, rush again, above that sun

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