Soul Company - Official Bootleg Vol. 2 (cover)

Throwback Thursday Jams: Kebee, “Post High School Reflection”

In Miscellaneous by Nahae

Throwback Thursday Jams are back on: Experience the throwback nostalgia by listening to Kebee’s “Post High School Reflection”!

As part of Soul Company’s compilation album: [Soul Company – Official Bootleg Vol.2], Kebee had released his song “Post High School Reflection” back in February, 2007. Although Soul Company unfortunately disbanded in 2011, Kebee is still an active artist– as a solo artist and also as part of the duo, Eluphant. Check out the track below:

As you sit back and relax to Kebee’s soothing tunes, try setting some time aside for yourself! Especially for people having a rough week and not feeling like their usual selves, some re-evaluation and self-reflection could really re-energize your motivation.

Snippet of the song lyrics:
한가지 목표에 확실함
오직 그것 하나만큼은 한치 앞도
볼수없는 내 발걸음에
나침반이 되어 나를 지켜주어 왔지

English Translations:
Being sure of one goal
Only that is able to serve as a compass for my footsteps
As I can’t see further than my own nose
It has protected me thus far