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THROWBACK THURSDAY JAMS: Drunken Tiger, “Do You Know Hip-Hop?”

In Miscellaneous by Nahae

For this week’s throwback jams, we go back to the roots of Korean Hip-Hop: Drunken Tiger!

Drunken Tiger, composed initially of Tiger JK & DJ Shine, released the song, “Do You Know Hip-Hop?” in 1999, as part of their debut album: [Year of the Tiger]. The duo immediately aroused fans, influenced future generations of Korean Hip-Hop artists, and to this day are recognized as Hip-Hop legends of Korea. Check out the track below:


Snippet of the song lyrics:
갑자기 나타나 반짝하고 빛나다가
사라져 버리는 그런 이들과 비교하지마
우리에게 와 내앞으로 와
힙합을 사랑한다면 다 같이 취해봐

English Translations:
don’t compare us to those
that suddenly appear, shine, and disappear
come to us, come in front of me
if you love Hip-Hop, let’s all get intoxicated

Support the artist by purchasing the album here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/year-of-the-tiger/id774658053

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