Artist Spotlight: G.Nine

Artist Spotlight: G.Nine

In Miscellaneous by Lena

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What's This?

The second article in our Artist Spotlight series is here! This time, fellow Khiphop fan and guest writer Eigell tells us how she discovered a promising artist of the underground scene, and even interviews him!

The first article in our exclusive Artist Spotlight series was written by Chris. He introduced producer Pe2ny.

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my name is Eigell. I’m a 17‑year‑old Filipino girl who lives in Denmark. I’ve been listening to KHH for about a year now. Music is a huge part of my life. I honestly don’t know how I will be able to live without music. You can follow me on Twitter where I tweet about songs that I like and how much I adore Sik‑K‘s grills.



I love finding new music on SoundCloud. It’s a place where you can find unique and independent artists. Rappers like Swings, Penomeco and Donutman release their works on SoundCloud. It’s a platform where anyone can upload a song and people can listen for free.

As I was surfing around SoundCloud I stumbled across this artist named G. Nine. A 15‑year‑old rapper, producer, singer and student. Even though he has only released a couple of songs and a minitape you can clearly hear from his works that he’s got potential. Also, it’s not everyday you find a 15‑year‑old boy, who has such an amazing minitape almost at the same level as Sik‑K’s EPs. He’s a very talented producer and rapper for his age. He got K.vsh to feature on one of his tracks, and the underground rapper Ben Bizzy as well.

Hyunjin Kim is from Bundang, South Korea, but now lives in Bangkok, Thailand. He started creating music after watching ‘Show Me The Money’, a Korean hip‑hop TV show. He then started digging into music and rapping afterwards. Later on he became a part of a hip‑hop crew formed in 2016 called Air Force 1 (AF1).



I was so lucky to have an interview with G.Nine himself, so here it is:

Can you explain your stage name “G.Nine”?
G.Nine in Korean pronunciation is “지구” (read: gee‑goo) which means “earth” if translated to English. Since I want the whole earth/world to know me, I chose the name G.Nine.

Where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs?
Almost all the songs are based on what is happening in my life. So for example, I’ve been recently having a crush on a girl I know, and I’ve been producing more RnB‑ish tracks than before.

Can you tell me more about AF1 and how you became a part of it?
AF1 (Air Force 1) is a crew formed in 2016 currently made up of 3 members: Roman Kayz, G. Nine, and PE:BLE. Roman Kayz is a 15 y/o RnB Singer/Rapper and is the leader of the crew as he came up with the idea of creating a crew.  Lastly, PE:BLE is a 16 y/o rapper and also a member of another crew called DIV_IN with rapper NO:EL. I became part of this crew because since Roman Kayz and I started making music together since middle school, he also let me in the crew.

What are your songs mostly about?
Recently, it’s mostly about love. However, there are a lot of songs that I didn’t post which isn’t about love. So stay tuned…


Favorite Tracks

Here are some of my favorite tracks of G.Nine that I would like to share with y’all!

G.Nine released a minitape earlier this year called “12:00.” Already after listening to “Stay (Intro)” I fell in love with the nice and chill beat mixed with his rapping. It’s a pretty impressive minitape that holds three tracks.

Free” is my ultimate favorite from all his works, so I hope you listen to it! It’s a track that will really make you feel “f-ing good.”

Here is the last song called “

Translated Lyrics of “G.Nine – Swim”

You can follow G.Nine on
Instagram to see what he is up to! And on SoundCloud.

Check out G.Nine’s profile!


Much love to Eigell for digging up this jewel of an artist, sharing what she knows and even interviewing him!

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