Nucksal - The God of Small Things (album cover)

5Thangs About Nucksal’s Album ‘The God of Small Things’

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Did you know these 5Thangs about Nucksal’s album ‘The God of Small Things’?

The second part to the series ‘5Thangs’: sharing 5 hidden facts about artists and their album. Brought to you by HIPHOPPLAYA.

5 Facts about Nucksal’s album ‘The God of Small Things’:

  1. The album title ‘The God of Small Things’ was inspired by the Indian author Suzanna Arundhati Roy’s novel ‘The God of Small Things.’
  2. The track ‘The Villains,’ featuring the entire VMC crew, follows a scene from the manga series ‘Slam Dunk’ as a motif.
  3. The track ‘One MIC’ was an idea handed down by Deepflow who had originally planned to use it as a single.
  4. The mother in ‘Earn Ya Keep’ MV is Nucksal’s actual real mother.
  5. Nucksal hopes his first album ‘The God of Small Things’ brings about the same warmth he felt with Common’s album.