Zion.T for W Korea Magazine

Zion.T in W Korea Magazine: Just Doing My Thing

In Interviews, Translated Interviews by Lena

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Read Zion.T’s interview with W Korea from their latest issue for July and take a look at the sexy photos!

Zion.T recently featured on the title track ‘Over&Over’ of Pippi Band’s 20-years-debut-anniversary EP ‘pppb’. While talking about working with Lee Yoonjung who he likes so much, he called her ‘a cool person’. When asking for Zion.T’s definition of ‘a cool person’, we received the answer that it is someone who has their own domain.


wkorea july zion t 2

see-through shirt: Dior Homme
black pants: Comme des Garcons
pointed shoes: Comme des Garcons
sunglasses: Dior by Safilo
thin bracelets on right arm: N made
silver rings: Numbering
bold bracelet: Kingkroach
thin bracelet: Soloist by N made
silver ring on index finger: Numbering
rings on middle and ring fingers: Kingkroach

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We interviewed you in February, so it has been exactly four months. Normally, the longer it has been, the more one is happy to see each other and there is more to tell, but we have met this quickly again.
Nevertheless, there should be something to talk about because quite a few things happened during this time, more personal than promotions or other outside activities. I also had a lot of worries about music, but I really thought a lot about how to live life.

Do you usually spend a lot of time thinking about everything?
No. I am rather extremely simple. I do the work I have to or can do and do not really think about other things.

Then what do you do when you have no schedule?
I am not someone who goes into the studio in his free time and never comes out. I only go to the studio when I work. At other times, I like to go places with friends here and there. One week ago, I went to Jeju Island. The day before I went, I had fun with my friends all day and stayed up all night. In the morning, I suddenly did not want to go home, so I aimlessly went to Jeju Island. I spent four days there, and it was even better because I went impulsively.

You seem to like traveling without a plan.
When I went to Europe and the USA, I did not exactly have a plan either. There, I just slept well, walked around a lot, and ate tasty food. That makes me sufficiently happy.

When we met in February, you said that what you needed the most was ‘a good person’ or ‘a muse’. Have you meanwhile found the person you had been looking for so yearningly?
Yes, I have. I cannot talk about any details, but I am receiving a lot of good influence. I think there is no need that only one person inspires me and that it has to be a woman no matter what.

In what way do you think such a person helps you to create good music?
The longer I make music, there is something I feel: instead of songs that are made with the aim to be released, songs in which I just honestly say what I want to say, like in a diary or a letter, always bring better results. And when I make music that way, I am not embarrassed. I think that through the process of meeting someone, having special feelings and looking back on myself, good music comes out. That is why I am having more and more worries. I think a lot about what kind of music I should be making.

Hearing what you just said makes me think that the song ‘EAT’ which you recently released is quite a personal story too.
It is a song in which I honestly tell the story I want to tell. It is really that my girl is having a hard time being busy with work, so of course I would like her to listen to such a song. It is a song I wrote while hoping that it would provide at least some strength. You can say I did not write the song thinking that it has to become a big hit, but I made it out of personal need. And out of all the songs I have published so far, this song is the one closest to a love song. That is why I am even more attached to it.

I heard that you featured on the title track ‘Over&Over’ off Pippi Band’s 2o-years-debut-anniversary EP ‘pppb’. Not only in our last interview, but also in other interviews, you always chose Pippi Band as the artist you absolutely want to work with.
Pippi Band’s Lee Yoonjung is what I call ‘a cool person’. There really is a lot to learn from her. I have liked her for a long time, so I enjoyed just being with her. Pippi Band’s new album is certainly no easy music. It is quite experimental. But the lyrics are really good. Especially because the songs’ intentions are so clear it is even better.

Did the recording go as well as you thought?
The recording went really well. We recorded at Pippi Band member Dalparan’s studio, which was a really cool place. It was not like a normal recording studio. There were LPs scattered around, a big table and an armchair. It seemed like the home of a European. Haha. And I sat cross-legged in that armchair, singing dynamically into the microphone.


wkorea july zion t 3white shirt: Kwonohsooclassic
skirt pants: Comme des Garcons
pointed white shoes: Comme des Garcons
thin bracelets on right arm: N made
silver rings: Numbering
bold bracelet on left arm: Kingkroach
silver ring on index finger: Numbering
rings on middle and ring fingers: Kingkroach
sunglasses in his hand: Dior by Safilo

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I would like to know what kind of studio you are dreaming of.
This just came to my mind, but I would like to take over a boxing gym and build a workroom and a studio in there.

Could it be you prefer expressing your thoughts in writing than directly in words?
As in my job I mainly do not talk, it is a bother to me to express something in words. But, actually, I am uncomfortable with writing. Haha. I just sing, that is all. No matter what I post on social networks, the thing people are most interested in are my songs. Therefore, I think that everything else is meaningless.

Maybe because you cannot be seen on TV except for music programs, a lot of people are curious about you. Do you have no plans of appearing on variety shows in the future?
I am only 27. You never know what happens in life. I just think that right now is the time for me to concentrate on music. I am not even ready to be ruined yet. I guess that after releasing a few more albums and finding out more about myself, I will probably appear there naturally in the course of events.

It seems like your label is not exactly forcing you to go on variety shows either.
My label has no interest in me at all. Haha. They really do not have any.

Are they like that to their other musicians too or only to you?
Only to me. When I have made a song, I just go to them and tell them that I want to release this music. Then they say “Okay, do it!” That’s about it.

Is that not a good thing from the musician’s perspective?
Of course it is quite good for me as a musician, but sometimes I also think that they are too uninterested. Actually, that is why I am feeling comfortable.

In our interview the other time, both you and Crush said that Amoeba Culture is a label that fits you really well.
No matter who joins Amoeba Culture, they cannot not fit in. Haha. Because Amoeba Culture never interfere or meddle more than is needed. In return, we have to see to it ourselves to earn money. For example, for making rice you need rice and a rice cooker. However, in our label there is no water and no rice but there is a rice cooker. So I buy rice, I buy water too, and I wash the rice. I have to cook the rice in the rice cooker given by my label.

Somehow, it seems like you do not only have to buy the rice but plant, farm, and harvest it.
That is right. The farming is the artist’s job too. So after having cooked the rice in the rice cooker and having pressed the button to keep it warm, the label’s employees put the rice in a bowl and prepare the side dishes.

It is not that they just give you a spoon?
No. I think you can say that they prepare tasty side dishes and a stew. Anyway, the conclusion is that I like it and that I am feeling comfortable now. Haha.

By taking a close look, I can see that you have been working quite a lot without a break for the last few months. Do you not have any plans for a holiday or something?
First of all, I have to release an album. So I think that I will be able to go on a holiday around fall. I am planning to go to Northern Europe and have a slow-paced rest there before coming back. I want to be sitting at a fireplace over there.

Is there a reason why you adore fireplaces?
I really like fireplaces. Do you not think that they are really great? Haha. I absolutely want to have a fireplace in the house that I will live in later. I will put up a big painting above it.

However, you said that your workroom will be in a boxing gym.
Do you not think it would be super good? It can be a multipurpose studio.

When will you be able to realize your plans?
For now, I have to live diligently first. That is the best I can do now.


Details on featured image at the top:
dotted suit and inner top: Kimseoryong Homme
black shoes with beads: Christian Louboutin
big framed sunglasses: Valentino by Dari F&S
thin bracelets on right arm: N made
silver rings: Numbering
bold bracelet on left arm: Kingkroach
silver ring on index finger: Numbering
rings on middle and ring fingers: Kingkroach


Fashion editor: Lee Yejin
Feature editor: Lee Chaerin
Photographer: Jang Dukhwa
Stylist: Han Jongwan (factory83)
Hair: Taehyun (Beauty Salon by Taehyun)
Make-up: Mihye (Beauty Salon by Taehyun)


Scans, Edit: heardusk
Translation: Lena

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