ROKHipHop's Fill in the Blanks with Wutan

Wutan – Fill in the Blanks

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Check out how Wutan filled in the blanks for ROKHIPHOP.

  1. I am Vismajor’s Wutan and I am an asshole.
  2. Sanggoo-hyung is like a father to me.1)Sanggoo is Deepflow’s real (first) name.
  3. Show Me The Money are guys I like and don’t like.
  4. The bastards who don’t like me, should tell me.
  5. Out of all the tracks I have made so far, I like the songs of my album that hasn’t been released yet the most.2)Since the interview is from November 2013, he must be talking about Zooreca.
  6. In Vismajor, I’m the best at drinking alcohol and becoming a mannerless drunk.
  7. If I succeed, I will found a company.
  8. My charming point is my gum.
  9. If someone didn’t acknowledge but completely ignored me on the street, I would pull down my hat and run away.
  10. ^^* is better than sex.
  11. I was the most embarrassed when I walked around with the number label while auditioning for Show Me The Money.
  12. For my profit, I even went on a variety show.
  13. When I was first eliminated on Show Me The Money, I was super angry.
  14. Jung Soojung, come here. I’ll take you home!3)Jung Soojung is the real name of girl group f(x)’s member Krystal.
  15. Champ-hyung!4)This is referring to New Champ. Why are you in a question in my interview!?!?
  16. I’m the biggest surplus in Ilsan.
  17. The most unseemly rappers are those who can’t rap.
  18. If Sanggoo-hyung and my future girlfriend fell into the water, I would first of all feel sorry for Sanggoo-hyung.
  19. My dream is [becoming] a rapstar.
  20. To me, ROKHIPHOP is a long-time colleague.


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