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The Quiett, ‘Ambition Musik was an idea sprung up after Kim Hyo-Eun was Eliminated’ | Commentary

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Illionaire Records’ CEO The Quiett explains how Ambition Musik came to be and the relationship of Illionaire and Ambition Musik in the future.

Hip: Ambition Musik has officially launched. According to Changmo who appeared on Hiphopplaya Radio, the label was in preparation for quite a while. We’d like to hear the reason how the signed artists weren’t established as Illionaire but as ‘Ambition Musik’. 

Q: It’s an idea we came up with while filming Show Me the Money 5. When Kim Hyo-Eun was eliminated from the mission of performing ‘Air2daQ, I had a lot of different thoughts.  When I thought about the future of this rapper, it seemed like it was a waste to leave him as is. That’s where the idea sprung up from.

Hip: Can we assume that a separate label was launched because Illionaire is seen as a complete unit with Dok2, The Quiett, and Beenzino?

Q: Because Illionaire’s existence is established as one type of team, I felt there would be more freedom in creating another label.

Hip: What’s the background in using ‘Ambition’ in the label name?

Q: We wanted to choose a name that is easily connected to Illionaire. Ambition was a name that came up right away and we chose it without much concern.

Hipple: You have scouted the three artists Kim Hyo-Eun, Hash Swan, and Changmo. They each have their own unique characteristics so we would like to hear how you came to recruit them. 

Q: Like I mentioned above, Kim Hyo-Eun was the starting point of all our plans. Later on, Changmo came into discussion. Changmo is an artist who has done well on his own up till now but we felt at this timing we could be of help. Hash Swan was suggested by both Kim Hyo-Eun and Changmo. Of course I also gained interest in Hash Swan as an artist through Show Me the Money and although not necessarily through this 1)signing to Ambition Musik, he was someone I was about to meet anyways.

Hip: In contrast to the two artists who immediately gave an “okay” to join the label, Hash Swan didn’t reply for around a month. At that time, how did you feel? 

Q: Hash Swan was receiving a lot of love calls from different companies at that time. I just emptied my mind first.

Hip: Because of the label’s name, essentially it is rumored to be connected to your own project2)reference to The Quiett’s ‘AMBITIQN’ album. (laughs)

Q: I didn’t think my album title would come this far. Anyways, Ambition Musik is part of Illionaire Records’ enterprise and implements Dok2 and my will.

Hip: We are curious about the background of gifting rolexes to the three artists of Ambition Musik. Rolexes from the beginning… (laughs)

Q: We wanted to give them so we gave them. The meaning behind it was to congratulate them on joining the label. And also watches are important objects to rappers so we felt they needed it.

Hip: It seems that Ambition Musik isn’t doing other activities with Illionaire but are the three artists of Illionaire planning on taking the roles of advisers? 

Q: Illionaire is always of a free atmosphere. Fundamentally, what we want to do is support them and provide help for the label.

Hip: We know that you are preparing for your full album.  Could you say a word introducing your upcoming album?

Q: I’m diligently working to release a good album this time also. It’s a bit more delayed than I had originally planned but it won’t take too long from now.


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