Swings – Fill in the Blanks

In Interviews, Translated Interviews by Lena

This time, Swings fills in the blanks for ROKHIPHOP.

  1. I am Just Music’s Swings and I am in charge of being the CEO.
  2. E-Sens, retard!!!!!
  3. My haters should eat shit.
  4. I am the [Korean] hip hop scene’s king.
  5. To me, a punchline is something that I don’t really want to work hard to write anymore.
  6. If I had been born as a black person, I would have been the same.
  7. When I look into the mirror, I am happy because I’m losing weight.
  8. I tell C.Jamm to live nicer than me.
  9. The food I like best? There nearly isn’t any food I don’t like.
  10. When I’m stressed, I shout by myself at home and angrily imagine stuff [to release the stress].
  11. When I have sex, kkkk I like everything kkk.
  12. I disliked the most on Show Me The Money when they edited it because [they only showed how] I just expressed myself very harshly.
  13. Regarding my face, I am principally very satisfied.
  14. You make fun of me saying I’m a pig? You’re a person of low character.
  15. I’m confident I’m better than Vasco-hyung at drinking alcohol.
  16. A loyal woman is a real lady.
  17. When people recognize me on the street, they tell me to show them a heart.
  18. I’m on a rollercoaster with the members of Just Music. There’s an accident and everyone is barely hanging on [to the rollercoaster]. If I could save just one person, I would first save the one who’s closest to me.
  19. The manga of my life is Good Morning Teacher.
  20. To me, ROKHIPHOP is an extremely incredible site.

[ SOURCE | ROKHIPHOP ] Please note that the original post has been deleted.