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Check out the exclusive article written by ROKHIPHOP and Brand New Music artist San E.

  1. I am Brand New Music’s visual and the attractive front.
  2. To me, Rhymer-hyung is aka big daddy.
  3. The song I feel the most attached to out of all my songs is my next song. 1)The interview was published November 14, 2013, shortly before his album ‘Not’ Based on the True Story was released (November 21).
  4. Out of all the people I know, you are the most ugly.
  5. If I didn’t know where my girlfriend was sleeping, I would report it [to the police].
  6. Fashion-wise, I am 70s and 80s.
  7. If I wasn’t rapping, I’d be rapping at noraebang.
  8. After a break-up, I do angry rap.
  9. At noraebang, my favorite song is 사랑한후에 [After having loved]. 2)Song by 전인권 (Jun Inkwon) (?).
  10. What tastes better than 맛좋은산 (Tasty Mountain) is big boy. 3)His debut track with JYP.
  11. In Atlanta, I was the bag boy.
  12. A TV show I enjoy watching is Gag Concert.
  13. My ideal type is a woman who is like a fairy pitta. 4)He is referring to a type of bird.
  14. Hey Xepy~~~ I think this isn’t right!!!! 5)Xepy is a producer.
  15. I was the most embarrassed during my first TV performance of 맛좋은산 (because I sucked so much).
  16. I’m Rap Genius! Swings is the Punchline King! Verbal Jint is the King of Flow! Fame-J is the God of Swear Words!!
  17. Besides rap, I am the best at music.
  18. If you have read this until number 18, I see you like me?
  19. My dream is love.
  20. To me, ROKHIPHOP is a homie.

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