ROKHipHop's Fill in the Blanks with Louie

Louie – Fill in the Blanks

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Read how Louie of Geeks filled in the blanks for ROKHIPHOP.

  1. I am Louie of Geeks and at Grandline I am in charge of being a citizen of the company’s neighborhood.
  2. I broke up with my girlfriend and even leveled up.
  3. In my room I mainly do training.
  4. I think the coolest thing about Korean hip hop is the spirit.
  5. I have one drink and say let’s have more.
  6. Without Lil Boy, I am Geek.
  7. I am the most embarrassed when I listen to old rap.
  8. I dislike rappers who I hate the most.
  9. If I wasn’t doing rap, I would be drawing pictures.1)Looks like a mistake, this should probably be: “If I wasn’t doing rap, I would be drawing pictures.”
  10. In ten years, I will look aged.
  11. The food I like most is beef/pork intestines.
  12. Most of the time when I dream, I dream dreams that put me in a good mood.
  13. My ideal type is a pretty woman.
  14. If I had to choose between money, fame and power, I’d choose money.
  15. The next artist I want to recommend for an interview with ROK HipHop is Lil Boi.
  16. Haters!! Sorry~
  17. A swearword I enjoy using is shit.
  18. The part of my body I’m most confident about is my hands.
  19. Before falling asleep, I meditate.
  20. To me, ROKHIPHOP is a friend.


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