Keith Ape

Keith Ape, ‘What matters is that our movement is becoming recognized’

In Interviews, Translated Interviews by Andrew

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Check out HIPHOPPLAYA’s recent interview with HILITE Records artist and Cohort member Keith Ape.

HIPHOPPLAYA: After signing with HILITE Records, you changed your name from Kid Ash to Keith Ape. Please explain.

Keith Ape: I no longer wanted to have ‘KID’ as part of my name. There’s no deep meaning behind my name change, but simply put, the word ‘KEITH’ symbolizes my refined [fresh] image, and ‘APE’ was added as a contrast. That’s my current image as well as the image I strive for. At first I wanted to use ‘SAVGEHARING’ but decided against it as it was too lengthy. I used to be a huge fan of Keith Haring’s art.

HIPHOPPLAYAHave things been different since you joined HILITE Records?

Keith ApeA lot has changed, but I am grateful for being able to make music without worrying about money.

HIPHOPPLAYA: Recently you dropped the MV for ‘It G Ma (잊지마)’. The track and MV features Japanese artists Kohh and Loota. How did this collaboration start?

Keith Ape: I met Kohh and Loota through Jay Allday. Jay used to hang out with these artists back when he stayed in Japan for several years.

HIPHOPPLAYA: As we mentioned during our interview with Okasian, we feel that both music and fashion are growing liberally. This movement can be seen through your music video. As usual, you worked with Jan’ Qui. How did this come about?

Keith ApeIt was spontaneous with no prior planning.

HIPHOPPLAYA: The track and music video is quite similar to OG Maco‘s ‘U Guessed It’. Intentional?

Keith Ape: Guessed it.

HIPHOPPLAYA: After your music video drop, you were personally contacted by OG Maco, received various shoutouts by American artists as well as featured on Complex magazine Facebook page. What are your thoughts?

Keith Ape: I was quite surprised when we were contacted by artists overseas. However, you can’t trust anyone 100% until the official product is released to the public. The important thing is that our movements is becoming recognized by people worldwide.

HIPHOPPLAYAAny upcoming plans with Cohort and Brain Wash?

Keith Ape: I don’t think there will be any plans with Brain Wash as it was just a project. However I plan to collaborate with G2 in the future. Cohort is likely to drop another compilation album.

HIPHOPPLAYA: What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

Keith Ape: I listened to a lot of foreign [American] music as well as rare unground artists.

HIPHOPPLAYA: Any artists you would like to collaborate with?

Keith ApeI already have.

HIPHOPPLAYA: What is your current go-to music/artist?

Keith Ape: Divo and Jay Allday.

HIPHOPPLAYA: How is your album coming along? Can you comment on the direction and color your album is heading?

Keith Ape: The album is coming along, and I am enjoying the ride. The album simply defines me and my world. I believe every individual have their own world, but I like to think I am more deeply intoxicated with mine. Some people agree with this idea while others disagree; however this is a way for me to show my true colors.

HIPHOPPLAYA: When can we expect your album?

Keith Ape: Most likely in February.

HIPHOPPLAYA: Aside from music, what are your current interests and hobbies?

Keith Ape: Movies, clothes, drawing, ‘I Want To Know That’ TV show, South Park.

HIPHOPPLAYA: The new year is bright. Can you comment on your vision and plans?

Keith Ape: I wish everyone a happy new year. My vision came to fruition last year, and I will attain it this year. Game time.


Translation | HIPHOPKR
Interviewer | Cha Yejoon, Lee Sangwon (HIPHOPPLAYA.COM)

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