Nochang (by Hiphopplaya)

Genius Nochang joins “Idol Audition” program and talks about Swings’ army enlistment

In Interviews, Translated Interviews by Andrew

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Hip-hop label Just Music‘s producer Genius Nochang (천재노창), who recently signed to be part of the upcoming Starship and MNET collaborative audition program ‘No Mercy‘, has been very active since the drop of his label compilation album [Ripple Effect (파급효과)].

In this interview, HIPHOPPLAYA interviews Nochang about the audition program ‘No Mercy’ as well as the enlistment of his fellow label artist (and CEO) Moon Swings.

HIPHOPPLAYA (HPP): What are you doing right now?
Nochang: I am laying in bed after showering.

HPP: You recently attended the Young King Young Boss concert as a guest. How did this come about?
Nochang: I’m trying to think back.. I received an invitation to perform as a guest during the time when I was working with Dok2 on the ‘Rain Shower Remix’ track. I happily accepted the offer as the concert was three minutes away from our office (laughs). It was an honor to perform with artists I’ve looked up to since my high school days.

HPP: How was the concert?
Nochang: I was able to experience the 1LLIONAIRE fever and loyalty. The stage presence by the three artists (Dok2, The Quiett, Beenzino) and the responsiveness of the audience was immense.

HPP: Were you sad about it?
Nochang: (laughs) I wasn’t sad, but it was an experience. It was a while since I have seen stage performances by other artists (outside of Just Music). Being part of the concert was motivating.

HPP: You and Giriboy recently became part of Starship x MNET audition program called ‘No Mercy’.
Nochang: It was an abrupt decision. I met up with the team from Starship to discuss about the program and it seemed like a fun opportunity. I mentioned in my previous HIPHOPPLAYA interview that ‘I realized the power of TV shows’, and I was mores inspired by Dok2 and The Quiett’s participation in Show Me The Money 3. I thought to myself, ‘why not go for it?’ and finally signed to be part of the show.

HPP: Is the program currently filming and in development? What is the show about?
Nochang: They haven’t filmed me yet, but it’s coming up since Giriboy has recently finished filming. Unfortunately I am unable to disclose any information about the show. (laughs)

HPP: Maybe you can tell us this. Is this show tailored towards our [hip-hop] scene?
Nochang: Hm.. hip-hop scene.. in some ways yes? But given how the show will focus on idols, it will be more popular in that aspect.

HPP: Swings temporarily left the label for army enlistment. How has that affected you [and the label]?
Nochang: There are no major changes. I mean, we don’t really express it, but we were quite sad when the boss left, especially the first two days.

HPP: So who is in charge of the label currently?
Nochang: Black Nut is currently the boss. That’s why I joined the YKYB concert – I am ready to jump ship.

HPP: Tell me about your current and future plans.
Nochang: I am currently working with CJAMM on his solo album, as well as a project with another member. Come to think of it, they are all going to be released.. In addition, we are working on the second compilation album, which may not be titled ‘Ripple Effect’. Once we complete these projects, I will work on my own music.

HPP: You sound bored.
Nochang: You’re right (laughs). I wan’t to work on my own music.

HPP: The new office looks nice.
Nochang: All thanks to our cool boss Swings. Back when he was here we used to cut steaks, and now.. he wants us to mail him with instant noodles..

HPP: Thank you for your time. We look forward to your future endeavours. 


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