Huckleberry P

Fans’ Q&A with Huckleberry P

In Interviews, Translated Interviews by Lena

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Last night, Huckleberry P answered fans’ questions on Twitter. Read them below!

Q: What songs are you listen to at the moment?
A: I’m not really listening to anything these days-

Q: When will you release your next album? Or at least a single?
A: I don’t have any plans at all yet, but I’ve released an album every ear so I think I’ll release one this year as well.

Q: What are you doing lately? Working on new songs?
A: No, nearly all I do these days is having fun and eating …

Q: I heard that [the concert] today was great fun, did you have fun?
A: I really really had lots of fun in a while!

Q: What do you do when you can’t sleep?
A: I listen to music or read comics-

Q: When you feel down for no reason, how do you cheer yourself up?
A: I eat something tasty or just sleep-

Q: How hard of a time did you have before you became popular?
A: I have never had it hard- I do not really think I am popular right now either …

Q: The last time you had a Q&A, you wished me luck in getting a [good] ticket to the Bunshin concert in Busan, but I failed and got number 69 .. the number is a bit .. erotic … No, what I mean is no matter where the concert is it is fun, so I go trusting you [to give a fun concert]!
A: lolol let’s have fun

Q: Oppa, I want to try nakgobsae..1)dish made of small octopus, intestines, and shrimps please tell me what it tastes like!
A: It is difficult to describe in words, but do eat it!

Q: Oppa, a new school year has started and I cannot get used to my new class T_T .. I miss my old class so much that I think of last year when I go to school and feel so down and sad. I phoned with a friend for one hour, crying lolol This is not a question, I just T_T wanted to say this … 😀
A: I think many people feel that way. Let things take their natural course.

Q: Today’s concert was sincerely fun!!!!!!!!
A: Yes, it really really was fun!

Q: Oppa, what is your shoe size?
A: It’s 260-
Q: Your younger friends said it was 265 though lolololol
A: I’ve worn 265 some time before …

Q: Please recommend me songs!
A: My songs, of course …
Q: On the day you release anything, be it an album or a single, I buy it all .. ♥♥♥
A: Please keep listening [to my songs] lol

Q: Oppa, I’m studying for one more year to enter university but I go to Busan to the Bunshin concert lolol although I live in Daegu -.- please look out for people like me who have to study … ♥
A: I do not discriminate anyone, let’s have fun [at the concert]!

Q: Please recommend me a late night snack, 1) ramyeon 2) McDelivery 3) Jjapaghetti ………………………
A: Oh, if McDonald is an option then of course McDonald

Q: Which song of yours do you treasure the most?
A: Since each song has a different feeling and I put in effort for each, it is a bit hard to choose just one 🙂

Q: Please recommend me a café in Hongdae that has tasty coffee
A: I’m not good at distinguishing the taste of coffees so I cannot really recommend you anything, please search online!

Q: Thanks to your support the other time, my new song is being well-received. Thank you. Have a good night!2)Tweeted by Detempo, you can listen to the song in question here.
A: Good night!

Q: If you have time and could listen to my song just once I’d be very thankful and it would be a great encouragement for me .. T_T [link].
A: Yes, I will give it a listen!

Q: This is no question but the concert today was lots of fun! ♥.♥!!!
A: I had a lot of fun too!

Q: Who do you like the most in Hi-Lite?
A: I’m close to everyone but I think I hang out with Jjangka-hyung quite often-

Q: Do you think everything is possible as long as you have passion?
A: I guess talent is necessary

Q: What would you be doing now if you hadn’t become a rapper?
A: I think I would be doing something similar where I stand in front of a crowd

Good night, have a good weekend!


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