Exclusive Interview with The Quiett

Exclusive Interview with The Quiett

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In collaboration with 1llestfans, I had the pleasure to ask Illionaire Records CEO The Quiett, who has just released his new album ‘1 Life 2 Live‘, a few questions. Since he has been interviewed rather often, I tried to pose new and interesting questions, especially from my point of view as a “foreign fan”.

Hello The Quiett, it is an honor that someone “expensive” like you (refer to his and Dok2’s interview with Elle Magazine) has agreed to an interview with 1llestfans and Hiphop Korea.
As far as I know, the name ‘The Quiett’ comes from your quiet personality, why did you decide to write it with double T?
There is no special reason for it, that way just looked better.

the quiett - 1 life 2 live

The expectations for your album ‘1 Life 2 Live’ were huge. Could you tell me a little about it? Also, do you tackle a new topic in it?
‘1 Life 2 Live’ is my first LP in a long time and out of all my albums I have put the most heart and soul into it. I think that it is an album which people can enjoy.
As for the lyrics’ topic, there is no big difference from before. However, I think it is probably the first time that I try myself at a sexual track like ‘Body 2 Body’.

Like you said yourself, “People love yesterday.” There are many listeners who prefer your old songs. What would you like to say to those people who want you to make the same music as back then?
I would like to say to them: “I am sorry, but that is impossible.”

What do you think is the criterion for good hiphop music?
I think that is if the music makes people move their bodies [or not].

What was the most important thing you have learned or realized while making music?
Having a positive lifestyle.

What do you do to get out of a slump?
When things don’t work out, I think it is best to have a break.

From other interviews, I have gathered that you don’t read comments or feedback on the Internet since you seem to have many haters. Have you ever heard criticism about your music and thought, “Ah, that is right, I should improve that”?
Of course. If I am convinced by it, I accept it [the criticism].

In my opinion, you have the talent of writing witty and good lyrics while using simple words and grammatical structures. How and where do you normally write lyrics?
I mainly write lyrics at home, I often think of lines while driving too. Before I write, I think, “What can I do on this beat?”

You went on tour this summer. What is the most enjoyable and the hardest thing while on tour?
Being on tour is tiring but worth it as I can meet various fans.

I heard that you don’t practice before a concert, do you usually listen to your own songs?
I don’t. Of course I do listen to them for a while when I learn the lyrics, but besides that, not really.

Do you have plans of another overseas concert?
Since I like giving concerts overseas, I try to take the chance when I get it. However, overseas concerts come with many difficulties which is why it is unfortunately a bit hard to make them happen.

You have traveled a lot, is there a place you haven’t been to yet and would like to visit?
Recently, I thought that I would like to go to Switzerland.

Your motto is “Live like there’s no tomorrow,” “1 Life 2 Live (한번뿐인 인생).” Does that mean you immediately say what you want to say?
If it is something I have to say, I say it, but I basically tend to save my breath.

Could you spend your whole fortune today, right now? Would you have no regrets?
I have done that often. It is fun.

Do you have a religion?

Is Munzie doing well?

What is the secret behind your flawless skin?
I am not doing very much for it and I have no special secret, it’s probably inherent.

Rappers usually have quite a ‘bad boy’ image, but you are a rather friendly person, you once mentioned that you have never fought with a woman before. How do you control anger or other negative emotions? Do you let it all out with music?
When there is something negative, I tend to see it as something positive. For example, when something bad happens, I think “I have learned something new thanks to this.”

Back in the day, you often communicated with fans via your social network account. It seems like you don’t do that anymore as you have become more popular and gained more fans?
I have lost interest in social networking, especially Twitter is something I don’t do that often anymore.

Since there are many serious questions in this interview, here are four random ones:

Which cellphone app do you use the most?
I think that would be Instagram.

Coffee or tea, which do you prefer?
Tea. I don’t really drink coffee.

What is the last thing you bought?
As I usually buy a lot, this is a difficult question to answer. What I buy the most are shoes and clothes.

Which seasons do you like the most?
Fall, winter.

Dok2 once said in an interview that success is a process like building muscles. What is success to you? In your lyrics you say that you have already succeeded several times.
My greatest success is ‘joy’.

Let’s say you had to go to a different label. Where would you like to go?

Any fan of Illionaire’s knows that you want to inspire others with your music. “I too can earn a lot of money like the Quiett and drive a nice car and travel a lot!” However, don’t you think it is impossible for everyone to succeed and become rich?
Anyone can do it as long as they want to become rich and believe in it. To a certain extent, there is a method to becoming rich, so if that is what you want, learning that method will help.

Will Illionaire forever be three like the three fingers of the Illionaire sign?
That is something not even I know.

After Show Me The Money, Illionaire has gained a lot more fans. What do you think is a ‘true fan’?
Anyone who loves Illionaire’s music is a true fan.

The two pieces of clothing I treasure the most are the Illionaire hoodies I bought at the Illionaire Tour 2014. However, not all Illionaire fans who live abroad can go to Korea. Do you have any plans of making overseas shipping available more often?
I also consider it greatly beneficial when overseas fans wear Illionaire hoodies or snapbacks, we will have to try a bit harder [in this aspect].

As someone who has been making music in the Korean hiphop scene for over ten years, how do you see its current situation? What is good, what bad about it?
I think it has become better in all aspects. There isn’t exactly anything bad about it.

Do you feel affection or responsibility for the scene?
To a certain extent, yes, but I try not to let that restrict me.

Personally, as a fan, I find it good that Illionaire are peaceful and do not participate in any of the hiphop scene’s controversies. Still, don’t you sometimes feel like you have to take action? Does it never happen to you that you want to express your feelings or your opinion via a social network like other rappers?
I don’t really like uproars. I usually write my thoughts in a diary.

Many people say that Show Me The Money is no fun without Dodeok (Dok2 & The Quiett). How is it, did you watch the 4th season?
I watched a few episodes from time to time. The atmosphere seemed very different from season 3. Season 3 was definitely fun in various ways.

Finally, please say a few words to your overseas fans.
I don’t get the opportunity to communicate with you very often, but I am always grateful to you. If I get the chance, I will perform anywhere [in the world].

Last but not least, I would like to thank The Quiett for taking time to reply to my numerous unusual questions despite his busy schedule.

Make sure to cop his new album ‘1 Life 2 Live’ which is available on iTunes and follow him on Instagram and Twitter!

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