Dok2 x HIPHOPPLAYA: ‘Come Here (이리와봐)’, ‘DON (돈)’ Video, and YKYB Concert

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1LLIONAIRE Records CEO and artist Dok2 (도끼) wraps up his YOUNG KING YOUNG BOSS (YKYB) concert with great success. 2014 has been a huge year for Dok2, who continues to “turn up” with his fans through his music. Below are his responses with regards to his latest events.

HHP (HIPHOPPLAYA): What are your thoughts on your latest YKYB concert?
Dok2: Unfortunately due to so many recent activities I wasn’t able to perform at a 100%. That being said, the audience really enjoyed the show which featured a number of great guest artists!

HHP: Even though you are used to all the sold-out shows and concerts, it must still be surreal to be able to perform in front of such a big audience.
Dok2: I’m always thankful. I am one of the few Korean hip-hop rappers that a lot of people come see, so I try to make every show unique and memorable for the fans.

HHP: The concerts are memorable, especially to those who receive a cash gift from 1LLIONAIRE. (laughs)
Dok2: We started this special event a long time ago. Indeed we gave away $200 and $250 cash to audience #11. (laughs)

(YKYB was a two-day event. $250 was probably given away on day 2.)

HHP: Is there a reason why you released ‘DON’ music video instead of your latest single ‘Chicki Chaka Choco (치키차카초코)’?
Dok2: ‘DON’ is not a music video. What I’m saying is that it should not be categorized as “cheap” or “expensive” music video. ‘DON’ is a popular track that we were featured in, so The Quiett hyung and myself decided to showcase our new vehicle purchases through this video. This is common amongst American rappers.

HHP: Does The Quiett own the Mercedes Benz featured in the video? I thought he purchased a Bentley instead.
Dok2: His Bentley is actually in the works right now. He purchased an ‘SLS’ which was showcased in the video. Currently I own an ‘S500’, ‘G63’, ‘Rolls Royce Ghost’, and ‘Lamborghini Murielago’. The Quiett owns ‘SLS’, ‘SLK’ and his upcoming Bentley. Beenzino owns a ‘Porsche Cayenne’, and ‘Audi R8’. The funny thing is that with the exception of one, all of our vehicles are white – if we line up all our vehicles it would almost be a Dubai motor show. (laughs) illionare we the millionaires.

HHP: What can we expect from your upcoming MAMA performance?
Dok2: We will be performing track of the year ‘YGGR (연결고리)’ with Bobby as well as the remix track ‘Come Here (이리와봐)’ by Masta Wu. I’m planning on making history with all my gold and diamonds. (laughs)

HHP: ‘Come Here (이리와봐)’. Can you tell us more about the YG Hip-hop Project?
Dok2: As a member (not label artist) of YG, the track ‘Come Here’ was actually just a fun remix that me and Masta Wu hyung recorded previously, but we decided to use it as a YG project.

HHP: Any tour plans for the winter and next year?
Dok2: I will be performing in Canada this month and will be preparing for 1LLIONAIRE’s fourth anniversary concert next year… big things coming!

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