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Dok2 releases ‘MULTILLIONAIRE’ with DJ Mustard | Commentary with HIPHOPPLAYA

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In celebration of his 25th birthday, 1LLIONAIRE Records CEO and artist Dok2 released his latest track ‘MULTILLIONAIRE’ with American producer DJ Mustard, who is known for his past work with American emcees such as Tyga, YG, Kid Ink, Meek Mill, Chris Brown, and more. Check out HIPHOPPLAYA’s interview with Dok2 about his latest track.

HIPHOPPLAYA: DJ Mustard is one of the hottest producers in America. Did you initiate the collaboration? Or vice versa?

Dok2: My friend Ben Baller connected me to DJ Mustard. I didn’t want to form a collaboration solely through monetary incentive. Instead, I played my tracks to DJ Mustard who really enjoyed it. In the end, DJ Mustard charged me a low fee (lower fee than I would charge in Korea) to jumpstart this collaboration.

HIPHOPPLAYA: What kind of track is ‘MULTILLIONAIRE’?

Dok2: The track is more or less similar to my usual work. (laughs) I didn’t want to try something new that I may or may not have enjoyed, especially since I was given the opportunity to collaborate with DJ Mustard. That’s a contradiction in my opinion. I wanted to create something I will enjoy.

HIPHOPPLAYA: Is this the beginning of your presence in the US? We’ll say this again but DJ Mustard is hot over there.

Dok2: Not exactly, but I did my best to separate myself from other Korean hip-hop artists by following the trendy style that is currently popular in the US.

Big shout out to the homie @djmustard 10 summers x 1llionaire M U L T I L L I O N A I R E [D-4]

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HIPHOPPLAYA: The first single of your upcoming album features DJ Mustard, which heightens the anticipation for the full-length album. What can you tell us about your album [Multillionaire]?

Dok2: It’s a full-length album. As exemplified by my first full-length album [HUSTLE REAL HARD], this album will draw a perfect picture and will exceed my [high] standards.

HIPHOPPLAYA: Can we expect your album to drop in April?

Dok2: Most likely so. I am doing my very best to complete this album as soon as possible.

HIPHOPPLAYA: Are you currently in Las Vegas to complete your album [Multillioniare]?

Dok2: I went to Vegas for a photoshoot and to write lyrics. I find it easier to write my lyrics after a relaxing vacation rather than to write in my home.

Dok2’s latest digital single ‘Multillionaire‘ dropped on March 28 KST and is available through various music portals.


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