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Deepflow talks about ‘The Anecdote’

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This is a pre-released extract of Deepflow’s interview with Hiphopplaya in which he talks about E-Sens’ album ‘The Anecdote’.

The reason why this part is being pre-released can be found in Deepflow’s answer [below]. The full version of the interview with Deepflow about ‘Yanghwa’ and not ‘The Anecdote’ has been released on the night of April 16.

You have become the only witness of ‘The Anecdote’, the second album in the first half of 2015 alongside ‘Yanghwa’ that everyone was looking forward to (laughs).
Personally, I am regretting it very much that I said that I listened to it [The Anecdote].

Although you say you regret it, I am sorry but please give us a review of ‘The Anecdote’.
First of all, the reason I regret saying that I listened to ‘The Anecdote’ is not because I want to reverse those words, but because I regret that when people see an article [about my album] titled ‘I’m looking forward to Yanghwa’, they will click on it hoping for information about ‘The Anecdote’. I’m thinking “Ah shit, I shouldn’t have said that.” I want people to concentrate on my album (laughs).

If my album ‘Yanghwa’ is well-made, then E-Sens’ ‘The Anecdote’ is not well-made. I think it’s an album that can be explained with the word ‘dope’. It is not [a] typical [hiphop album], but an album that hiphop fans cannot help but love. Since I think that there is nearly no album with such a narrative structure or an album on which one MC breaks away from all the typical [hiphop] elements, I couldn’t help but think of ‘Illmatic’ after listening to the album. Of course, it [‘The Anecdote’] is clearly different from the characteristics that make out ‘Illmatic’, but the characteristic that I am talking about is symbolism.

In my opinion, if our country’s hiphop history was the US’ it would be around 1994. Naturally, seen from the future, the current Korean hiphop scene is extremely old school and I thought that Sens’ debut album ‘The Anecdote’ could play a role like ‘Illmatic’. What I mean is, it could change [existing, current] paradigms. And to add another personal comment, ‘Yanghwa’ and ‘The Anecdote’ have a lot in common lyrics-wise: the overall flow, and one song is so similar that once Sens actually came to me and said “Hyung, honestly, you wrote this after reading my lyrics, didn’t you?” (laughs). Well, at that time I showed him the date on which I wrote my lyrics: 2013 (laughs). However, the metaphors and the way the songs unwind are really completely similar. I’m saying it in this interview ahead of time so please don’t misunderstand [later] (laughs). Anyway, I don’t know about Sens since he hasn’t listened to my album, but I felt a lot of similarities [between the two albums]. The feeling of wanting to change certain paradigms, I mean. And I felt that his album is very much of the ‘same kind’ as mine due to the fact that we both had the need to emphasize our own stories in the albums, but as the resulting texts turned out very different from each other I’m saying this again: while my album aimed to be quite typical and well-made, ‘The Anecdote’ is not well-made and not typical.1)Please do not misunderstand this part, he implies that the album is ‘dope’ (like he mentioned above) and special.


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