Beenzino for Vogue Girl

Beenzino – Vogue Girl Interview (2012)

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Read Beenzino’s interview from Vogue Girl’s December 2012 issue.

From one point on, I kept hearing his name everywhere around me. I filmed in the studio while it was filled with his voice and I searched his name as if bewitched. That moment, a young boy with a mischievous gaze stuck right to my heart.

In middle school, I added my name’s syllable “-bin” [/-been] to the American rapper Benzino‘s name and created the stage name Beenzino. Before that, I actually had the pioneering stage name Cypher but changed it after realizing that serious things aren’t cool. I am currently enrolled in Seoul National University’s Department of Sculpture, so people saying I have academic ability simply makes my life easier. There’s nothing about my looks I’m particularly fond of since my face isn’t the type I like. I prefer narrow and nimble faces, like Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ from “August Rush.”

Lately, my gaze keeps getting drawn to expensive things. Among them, I tried on a biker jacket from Balmain in select stores and department stores several times. Then, at one point I just bought it. How can I say it, since I had seen me wearing it so often, it felt like I had already bought it. Like the song “Aqua Man,” which is about the anguish a man faces when a woman plays him, I receive ideas for my lyrics in [every-day] life. I also wrote the song “Nike Shoes” after walking past a girl wearing Oreo-colored Air Jordan 5, I liked the feeling of them so I wrote the lyrics (Oreo Nike Shoes sounds strange, therefore I changed it to mint color). You ask if she was close to my ideal type of woman? No, she was small. I like tall women, I don’t care if they weigh more than me.

My girlfriend of seven years, who calls me “Lim-sugar” (but it absolutely doesn’t have that sweet meaning you’re all imagining right now!), was a friend of my [older female] relative. She saw me on the cover of a magazine for entering college called “College of Fine Arts Entrance Examination” and was the one who shouted the loudest [among other girls at my relative] that she wants to get to know me. What made me fall for her is that she isn’t pretending to be pretty. Above all, it is really fun to be with her. One fan I remember is a girl that pierced through the crowd when I came down from the stage after a concert and she gave me a kiss. If she had kissed my lips I would have really chased after her and confront her, but at that time I was sweating a lot so it must have been nasty and salty, that’s why I wonder why she did that. Editor Hyemin Lee