Beenzino for Naver's July Music Special: Up All Night

Beenzino – ‘Up All Night’ Interview with Naver Music

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Check out Beenzino’s mini interview with Naver Music about his album ‘Up All Night’.


All night! Beenzino, Up All Night

He personally talks about the stories behind the album

Special – The man who overflows with confidence and loves arts: Beenzino’s Up All Night

Beenzino’s new album ‘Up All Night’ EP has been released. Beenzino made this album together with producer Peejay, expressing the music of designer brand WOOYOUNGMI’s Paris Collection. The concept of their current collection is ‘The man who overflows with confidence and loves arts’. Via Naver Music, Beenzino personally introduces the work on the album.

Resource: CJ E&M | Text: Naver Music


Album – Beenzino personally introduces the ‘Up All Night’ EP

‘Up All Night’ EP is a project album that I ended up working on while preparing my full-length album. I was put in charge of making an album with music for the designer brand WOOYOUNGMI’s Paris Collection. I completed the album together with producer Peejay-hyung, with who I worked on my last single ‘Dali, Van, Picasso’ and with who I closely interact regarding arts. Since I always want to show different aspects with different hip hop artists, personally making the music for a fashion show was extremely attractive. The same goes for sitting in the front row at the Fashion Week in Paris as an artist. On top of that, the music was completely up to me so besides the show’s basic concept I had no restrictions and could express the words and the music I wanted. That’s why I enjoyed the work even more. I imagined a so-called wayward “man who overflows with confidence and loves arts,” like the show’s concept says, and who lives fast and free. I’ve described his daily life in the album. Since the album describes one day in his life in order from beginning until the end, I hope that listeners will listen to the tracks in order.


Track By Track – Introduction of ‘Up All Night’ EP’s tracks

Track 01: Jackson Pollock D*ck

This song expresses the fast morning of the album’s main character with an allusion to action painting. (by Beenzino)


Track 02: How Do I Look?

A song the main character enjoys while shopping. He loves shopping and is looking for a woman who has good style and taste. (by Beenzino)


Track 03: 미쳤어 [Mitch as F*ck] (Feat. Don Mills)

At night, the main character goes to clubs together with his friends. Don Mills is one of them. (by Beenzino)


Track 04: Up All Night (Feat. Mayson The Soul)

This song explains why the main character stays up all night. (by Beenzino)


Track 05: I Don’t Have To Work

Now the main character leaves the club and grabs the steering wheel. This is how the wayward man’s day ends. (by Beenzino)


Photos – ‘Up All Night’ EP album artwork


Left: The cover image that was used for WOOYOUNGMI’s last Paris Collection.
Right: ‘Up All Night’ EP’s album cover was made on the basis of old scribbled drawings. Thinking they would fit the album’s music they were made into the album cover. The drawing is already decorating one wall of the work room.


Beenzino’s artwork crew IAB was in charge of the album artwork. It was perfected by objects which Beenzino usually likes to use.


During work.


Video – MV of the title track ‘How Do I Look?’

The music video of the title track ‘How Do I Look?’ was filmed together with contestants from On Style’s ‘Challenge! Supermodel Korea GUYS & GIRLS’.

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