Beenzino - the bling interview

Beenzino – The bling Interview

In Interviews, Translated Interviews by Lena

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Check out Beenzino’s interview with The bling magazine that was published November 2012.

COVER STORY: A very popular man, Beenzino


Beenzino has held the first solo concert of his life. We heard the tickets were sold out in one minute. It’s the second time he is meeting bling but he had many interviews in that short time [since we’ve met the first time]. As it is the season of college festivals lately, he is busier than anyone. On the day of shooting the cover picture for bling, he had a performance at his own school’s festival, Seoul National University. The rapper Beenzino who has especially many female fans, is 26 years old.


I had expected my concert tickets to be sold out, I was confident that for the first concert I’d hold with the name Beenzino I’d be able to gather such a big audience. Honestly, the concert venue wasn’t that big, that’s why (laughs). Thanks to that, I realized my popularity and Dok2 said I was the most well-off newcomer among us.


Other than the colleges and the capital area of Seoul, I performed at eight different colleges. I especially remember the performance at Youngdong University in Choongchungbook-do. Without car and manager, I had to get there by KTX together with Shimmy Twice from Jazzyfact but on that day my schedule was fully packed starting in the morning so I couldn’t arrive in time for the train and my performance was delayed as well. We also missed the train back to Seoul and chatted for quite a while about this and that with fans at a convenience store in front of the station in nowhere.


I don’t watch TV often but I’ve starred in some programs before. Since I don’t have the least bit of sense for variety shows, I don’t think it’s a good idea if I went there but if I have a chance I’d definitely like to appear on Infinity Challenge. Their gags which are childish but also highly complex (?) at the same time are cool.


A girl that doesn’t say “I’ll lose weight!” A tall girl. A girl that makes me laugh. A girl who shows her feelings clearly. A girl who isn’t interested in what I do.


I’m getting it on a mobile game called “Change Pangpang” which has an extreme drive. It’s way more fun than “Anypang” which everyone is talking about and doesn’t have any bugs either. I’m also into the American TV series “The Office” which runs until season nine. It’s a series that shows in the style of a documentary what happens at a small paper company in the countryside. Although I’ve already seen all episodes, no matter how often I watch them I can’t break away from it. I totally recommend season two’s episode twelve “The Injury.”


There’s a musician called “Dana” in Germany. She’s had a great success with her single album recently and I fell for her music immediately when I saw the music video. The background of the video is a vintage-like marketplace, she doesn’t wear make-up in the video and her clothes aren’t glamorous either. I’d like to work with her on something free and natural like that. Among the Korean artists I’d like to work with Yang Donggeun, with who I’ve never worked before.


When the concerts are over, I’d like to have a bit of leisure time and rest. I’m also planning a trip to New York. While I was working at concerts without a break like a slave (?), Dok2 and The Quiett, my Illionaire family, went for a trip to America and I envied them a bit. So now I’ll work hard and with the money I’ve earned I plan to go shopping, visit exhibitions and enjoy myself.


In 2013 you’ll be able to meet a different [side of] Beenzino. To not repeat the Beenzino from 24 to 26, I’ll try my best to show you a new side of me. And do look forward to my second album which will be even more perfect than my first.


  1. THE SIMPSONS POSTERI received this poster as a congratulatory gift for my first solo work this year. Since I don’t like the walls of the place I’m living in right now, I’ve gathered lots of posters from here and there but I’ve saved this poster, it would be a waste to put it up.
  2. JANSPORTS BACKPACKThe most honest design of a bag for students: Jansports’ Big Student Backpack.
  3. BOOKA book that lets you taste the inspiration of artists of various genres: INSPIRABILITY.
  4. COCONUTSI’ve snitched some coconuts that Verbal Jint-hyung, who I’ve met at EBS Space, was eating and they were so tasty that every time I see that snack now I buy and eat it.
  5. MACBOOKI mostly use it to write lyrics and watch “The Office” episodes.
  6. MARC JACOBS CONDOMI received this Marc Jacobs condom as a present but I don’t think I’ll use it.
  7. MASCHINEA beat machine I’ve bought because I want to make beats myself. I’ve made lots but none for you to listen to (laughs).


Issue 11, Vol. 21 / November 2012

[ SOURCE | BEENZINO FANPAGE ] Please note that the website including the original post with the magazine scans has been deleted.

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