Beenzino – North Face Interview (2011)

In Interviews, Translated Interviews by Lena

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Read the interview of the Korean North Face Blog with Beenzino from 2011.

NO SURPRISES! The underground rapper Beenzino of Jazzyfact meets the Original Pack.

Jazzyfact? Beenzino? He raps, paints and sings? Although there are people who are unfamiliar with him and wonder who he is, I think there are many who happily say “Oh, it’s Beenzino!”

The person I meet today is the underground musician Beenzino.


Hello. I am from the North Face blog. Please introduce yourself.
Yes, hello! I am underground musician Beenzino. And Jazzyfact’s Beenzino (laughs).

Wow! You’re quite manly. You are keener than I thought, how should I say this, you look docile. It’s nice to meet you!
The team Jazzyfact is made up of you, Beenzino, and Shimmy Twice, correct? As it’s evident in the team’s name Jazzyfact, I heard your genre is jazz-hip hop but honestly I’m a bit unfamiliar with jazz-hip hop. Could you briefly introduce Jazzyfact’s jazz-hip hop? 🙂
In jazz-hip hop, hip hop and soft jazz meet. Listeners who usually don’t enjoy hip hop can listen to the genre comparatively easily and comfortably. The musician representing jazz-hip hop is Nujabes. And Jazzyfact (laughs)!
I think Jazzyfact’s jazz-hip hop is the most refined and human, warm jazz-hip hop possible in Korea. As I see it, the willing ability of being able to also approach people who don’t know hip hop is Jazzyfact’s forte.

Wow, Nujabes and Jazzyfact ..
Ah that was a joke, a joke! Nujabes is a musician I sincerely respect. I heard there was a commemoration concert with the title “Luv Luv Nujabes” last month.

There is this question I’ve always wanted to ask a musician when I met one. I’m curious about this: you wrote lots of songs and they’re all yours but I’m sure there are some you like more and others you like less, so which song of yours do you treasure the most?
Of course as I am human too, there are those I like more and others I feel regret for among my songs. There are also those songs I feel a bit embarrassed about when I listen to them after a long time. The song which remains in my memory the most is Jazzyfact’s title song “아까워” [It’s A Waste] but lately I often listen to “Vibra.”

We’ve taken a photo of you working, seeing the Original Pack inside of a studio feels fresh. Can you tell us something about the Original Pack by North Face?
Personally, I don’t like the feeling of excess or forced coolness but the Original Pack by North Face’s simple design appealed to me the most. Backpacks these days are all trying to stand out with a special design or are just crude, so I liked this clean design with nothing superfluous. It also goes well with anything else. I’m going to school lately and I’m taking it there almost every day!

Wow! So you’re a student. I envy you 🙂
Yes, I’m going back to school and my major is sclupture .. Lately, I’m doing assignments and I work at the same time, so my days are stressful.

So the Original Pack is accompanying you with your assignments and work! You said you liked the simple design, what do you think about its usability?
If you look inside the bag, there’s a small pocket with little things inside, do you see it? It’s convenient to keep those [little] things separate. The best thing is, I originally thought if you open the zip fastener on the front of the bag there would be an extra pocket but it turned out to be an opening to the bag’s inside. At first I was a bit taken aback by that but after using it for a while I liked it, as the things inside the bag can be taken out fast and easily.

Since you’re a musician and student, I’m curious what’s inside your bag.
There’s actually not much inside. I listen to music on my cellphone, so the things I carry in my bag are my drawing book as well as material and books on plastic art. Honestly, I’m not the type who extremely cherishes and loves objects.

So you’re as simple as the Original Pack by North Face (laughs)!
I think the simpleness of the Original Pack’s black color seems to fit you well 🙂
Then let’s talk about music again. Could you recommend a song by Jazzyfact for everyone reading this interview who doesn’t know about Jazzyfact? A song which clearly shows Jazzyfact’s sensitivity?
We have a song called “Addicted 2,” it’s the first we worked on as Jazzyfact. It was made in 2009, at the time I recorded the vocals for it at home. When you listen to it, it becomes obvious that the beats and the lyrics were made and written recklessly with just a lot of eagerness. It’s an instinctive song we just made among ourselves because we wanted to do music. Of course we have a variety of songs, but I’d like to greet everyone who’s getting to know Jazzyfact with that song.

I’ll definitely buy the album and listen to the song you recommended! When you’re working on music, when do you feel the most strained and when the most satisfied?
In my case, I actually feel strained more often. The more I rap, the more I discover my shortcomings. The hardest time is when I worry about music all day, feel irritated and can’t think of anything else. On the other hand, that kind of everyday life also makes me happy. Others are passing their time aimlessly, I think compared to that, having a hard time because of music is a blessing. I suppose I feel satisfied when I sometimes find myself suddenly on the verge of tears while singing along to my honest lyrics.

Wow! Because you’ve filled those intact emotions into the song, you can feel them again and nearly cry when you listen to it, right? I think that when I’ll listen to your songs from now on, I’ll concentrate even more on the lyrics. I’ll probably listen to the songs you’ve recommended today in another light, too.
Is the album you’re working at the moment Jazzyfact’s next album? Could you tell us a tiny bit about it? 🙂
It’s not Jazzyfact’s next album, it’s my solo album! The theme of my solo album which is scheduled to be released in summer is “Beenzino who you absolutely cannot hate” (laughs). I actually don’t have a specific frame yet. I definitely want to take the feelings I recently have in everyday life and put them into the album the way they are.

(Laughs) I’ll be looking forward to the solo album of Beenzino, who you absolutely cannot hate! Whether you can be hated or not will be judged in summer 🙂

I had a good time meeting the versatile underground musician Beenzino with a major in plastic art. Time went by really quickly while talking about this or that interest. I convey my thanks to Beenzino, who wittily and kindly replied to my continuous questions!

While awaiting the solo album of Beenzino who you absolutely cannot hate, I’ll listen to “Addicted 2” which Beenzino recommended as the song which represents him and Jazzyfact best. I’ve kept my promise to buy the album and listen to the song! 🙂

Well, anticipate the next interview for the Original Pack by North Face. Which awesome person will we meet, what interesting stories will be told …

[ SOURCE | NORTH FACE BLOG KR ] Please note that the blog with the original post no longer exists.

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