HiphopKR – Frequently Asked Questions


What is this website?
HiphopKR provides news and articles about Korean hiphop in English for international fans of the genre. We strive to help push the culture by providing a medium for both the artists and fans to share and discuss music.

Who is responsible for it?
We are a small team of two people, plus two supporting staff members and occasional guest writers. Check out our About page for more info.

What contents do you offer?
In addition to Korean hiphop news (e.g., music releases, breaking news), we offer exclusive articles, interviews, translations of lyrics, concert coverage, original videos, English subtitled videos, weekly SoundCloud playlists, Khiphop trivia, etc.

Where can I follow you for updates?
You can find our social network accounts on the footer at the bottom of the page.  We have an additional Twitter account for Translated Lyrics.

Do we charge a fee for access to this website?
The content we provide through our website is free of charge.

Do you make money with this website?
We make money through our YouTube channel and online shop solely in order to maintain the website. We are not making any profit.

Why does it take so long for you to publish articles about new albums?
Our team works in their free time so it may take longer sometimes until an article is published.

Why haven’t you written about …?
We are a small team so our capacities are limited. At times we only publish a piece of news on our social networks and not on the website itself.

I love your work! How can I support you?
Leave us a comment, a like, or share our articles! You can also support us by buying from our store and representing Korean hiphop in your city!

How can I join your team?
Send us an email with your proficiencies, the amount of time you can dedicate per week, your reasons for wanting to join our team, and samples of your work.

How can I contact you?
You can contact us via this email address or our social network accounts (see above). If you’d like to contact a specific team member, you can find each member’s email address and social network accounts on the About page.

I still have a question!
Send us your question via email or on social networks (see above)! If your question concerns translated lyrics, you might find the answer on this page: Translated Lyrics Terms of Use & FAQ