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Where are the artists out there? Show off your Khiphop-related artwork here, and feel free to let everyone know where they can find more of it!

That said, here's my one and only successful product (made years ago to celebrate Huckleberry P and EtchForte who took the picture I used):

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Posted : September 12, 2017 2:04 pm h_olaola, mistykeem, Pascaln93 and 2 people liked
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I made my final project in school about korean hiphop; I made a photobook inspired by 5 songs (KittiB - Nobody's Perfect, Beenzino - Life in Color, Mad Clown - Lie (ft. Lee Hae Ri), CODE KUNST - Beside Me (ft. BewhY, YDG, SURAN) & Miryo - Hey I'm a n-e-r-d)

I have most of my pictures on my instagram if anyone's interested; @saraharriete

I actually got some recognition for them thanks to posting them on insta, Code Kunst liked and KittiB both liked and commented! It made me really really happy! 

If anyone is interested in seeing the whole photobook please let me know! I'd gladly show you! 

Posted : September 13, 2017 4:19 pm Andrew, Pascaln93, mistykeem and 1 people liked

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