Hiphop Korea (HiphopKR)

Founded in November 2010, HiphopKR (formerly known as DoYouKnowHipHop) delivers the latest Korean hip-hop news to international fans around the world. Our aim is to inform our readers about the latest albums, events, and up-and-coming artists in the Korean hip-hop scene.

HiphopKR originally took the format of a Proboards-based forum, but with time, switched to WordPress-based news portal site delivering translated Korean articles from two reliable Korean hip-hop websites, HIPHOPPLAYA.COM and ROKHIPHOP.COM. Articles are translated and published by passionate Korean hip-hop fans around the world.

Meet the Writers




Founder, administrator, in charge of the Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube account

Andrew is a pharmacist with a passion in Korean hip hop music and culture. His interest in Korean hip hop began during his undergraduate days when he stumbled upon YouTube videos of artists such as Epik High, Dynamic Duo, and Drunken Tiger. As he discovered more Korean hiphop artists, he was disappointed by the lack of news source for the Korean hiphop scene, and eventually began translating Korean articles into english for the international fans. This soon led to the inception of Hiphop Korea (HiphopKR) in November 2010. As a native South Korean, Andrew visits Korea each summer, attending hiphop concerts and conducting interviews with artists.



In charge of the Twitter account for Translated Lyrics, the Tumblr and SoundCloud account

Lena is a freelancer who has been translating for over eight years. She started off in the Japanese subtitling scene and somehow ended up hooked on Korean hiphop after a quick detour to Kpop. In 2012, she founded translatedkhiphoplyrics and translatedkhiphopinterviews on Tumblr (later tKh2), translated for 1llestfans and is still translating for ziontfans on Twitter. Discovering foreign languages and being surrounded by people she loves are her basic needs. When she is not translating the lyrics of your favorite Khiphop artist, Lena is watching soccer, TV series, movies, or is reading, writing, or drawing.





Chris Lyon is a hiphop producer currently working in South Korea. Growing up listening to artists such as Common, Mos Def, and Nas, he was drawn to the sound and storytelling lyricism of old-school Korean hiphop groups CB Mass, Leessang, and Dynamic Duo. Originally finding an interest in Korean culture in high school, Chris began investing his time in learning the language as well as furthering his love for music production. He later decided to complete a portion of his education in South Korea and started building relationships with some of the hiphop artists in the area. He now enjoys doing what he can to help promote the Korean hiphop culture through a variety of avenues while working on production at Starfield Entertainment.